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Platitudes and judgement

I am fed up with spiritual platitudes and nice-isms. They don’t work for me. Instead they communicate judgement and rejection. “Take your frustrations to God.” Are you saying I don’t already do this?“Where is your joy?”Are you saying that simply because you detect frustration that there is a lack of joy in me?Seeing through these phrases, all I can see is judgement. Don’t deny it and dress it up in any other language. This is exactly what comes through. By saying these things it creates an atmosphere of insincerity. These comments send the message: don’t be honest and open with me. Wear a pretty smile and all will be well. Keep your frustrations between you and God. Don’t share them with me. Don’t be real with me. Instead, just be like ______________(insert story of missionary who didn't get frustrated when all went against him) – bumble along with thoughts of ‘all will be well’. That’s fine for him, but God (I am sure of this) makes room for all His children – not ju…