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Sarah's Fairy Tales

Two nights ago Priscilla and Timo asked for a bedtime 'Johnny and Suzie story'.  These are the names my Dad used in telling stories so I carried on the tradition.  Here was my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-imagination story.  (I didn't think it was great, but they laughed and laughed and told me to post it here for future reference):

Once upon a time there was a boy named Johnny - sometimes known as 'naughty little Johnny' - and he had a sister named Suzie.  Suzie was Johnny's older sister.  ("Hey!" they chimed in - "that's wrong - Johnny was always older!" "But this time it's different.  In this story Suzie is older."  Little did they know I tailor made their ages to fit the audience).

One day Suzie and Johnny were out in the backyard in their little play house.  They were playing house and Suzie was being the Mommy and Johnny was the Daddy.  Before too long they started to fight.
"Quit telling me what to do!" said John…

Thoughts on a Walk

Today Hannah begged me to take her on a walk.  So we took a leisurely stroll to a cemetery nearby, and I saw the lovely Oak Trees and couldn't help but to jot down my thoughts:

The stately Oak Tree stands towering,
Tall, unmoved -
Arms outstretched
Strong and firm.

Full clusters of leaves
To catch the faintest summer breeze,

Amidst the graveyard of souls long gone
Whose mark on earth
Mysteriously begets

Beneath the Mighty Oak
A lone stone sits.
One year engraved on the weather-worn canvas -
Solitary on that sad monument
Recalls a child whose name unknown
To us
But known above
Yet now lives to glorify
The Maker of Oak Trees,
Stones and

Is Being Chronically Late Selfish?

I was pondering lateness recently - since someone used the term 'unfashionably late'.  I ended up with a thought conversation with myself, which I am apt to have going on in my head at any given time.  Here is what it looked like:

Hmmm... UNfashionably late implies there is fashionable lateness.  Well, I guess I qualify for both categories since I'm usually late to things.  Oh well.

What do you mean 'oh well,'?!  Many people consider lateness to be rude, selfish, thoughtless, and disrespectful.

Well, they're just on the Western end of the cultural spectrum.  I just happen to be at the other end.

Hey, don't excuse yourself so easily!  Cultural or not cultural, do you want people judging you by your lateness?

No, I don't.  But it's their problem for being so snooty - and might I add, just a wee bit self-centered too since they imply the late person is so selfish for making them wait?  Because no time is wasted if you have an engaging mind and somethi…