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Wisdom is as wisdom DOES

Yesterday I was talking to Priscilla about spiritual gifts.  I explained that one of the gifts is 'discernment.'  As I explained what it meant to her, in the simplest way I could I began to think through what wisdom really is.  Since she is studying Proverbs she has come across a lot about wisdom and the importance of seeking it out.  When I reflect on the subject of wisdom, always a little nagging discouragement grows in my soul.


Because throughout my life many people have complimented me on being wise.  I never really know how to handle that.  Because in some ways, I can understand why others view me as wise.  And since I don't need to take time to disparage their kind remarks I usually just say thank you and remind myself how very lacking in wisdom I truly am (and if they knew me and observed my life, they would probably rescind their affirmation!)

I get discouraged when I think about wisdom because I realize that though I can articulate thoughts and ideas and insight…