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Worry: An Expression of Doubt

Sometimes I worry.
Sometimes I fear.
Sometimes I fix my eyes on what is seen rather than what is unseen.

 Some people say,
"I worry all the time...if it's not my kids, it's my spouse,
 if it's not my spouse, it's the house,
 if it's not the house, it's my job,
if it's not my job it's my health,
 if it's not my health, it's the government,
if it's not the government it's chemicals in our food..."

You get the picture.

Recently we've been hit with expenses - some expected, some not.  A new transmission in the car.  A new well pump and all that goes with it.  School fees - even though we get super great financial aid.  Sam and Caleb's mission trip expenses (they head to the Philippines next week).
We know we will face more in the near future - and seek to plan as best we can for both expected and unexpected expenses.

Aside from expenses, we have time management.  Priscilla was saying, 'How am I going to get everythi…