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Family News

Since this blog is entirely eclectic (like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get)... I will start a new section of specific family updates.  This may bore some of you, but oh well.  You don't have to read it :)

This week we are venturing to move into a rental home while we attempt to sell our current home.  This means, if it sells we will move twice.  A big hassle, for sure, but we don't want to get stuck with two mortgages.  If our house doesn't sell, then, well, we will move on to plan B.  We don't exactly have a plan B, but we walk by faith and trust the Lord to guide and provide what we actually need (not 'want', though we wouldn't mind if He provided our wants too!), in His time.  In the meantime, we plod ahead and develop patience.  I often pray these thoughts from Psalm 16:

LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; 
   you have made my lot secure. 
 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; 
   surely I hav…

Moving West: A Pioneer Story by Caleb Logan

Far away on planet Destructo there was an aggressive, justifying villain who treacherously plotted evil.  Now, on one hazy afternoon he got his document and cautiously put it in a bluff so no-one could know who he was.  Once he had finished he had one mishap: tripping and falling off the bluff.  This overwhelmed him which caused him to want to emigrate to the luxurious 'West' (a place of ease and comfort).  There was someone called 'Alex' - an associate of Josh, a man who lived in the West.  When the villain came he saw glamour everywhere - the streets were made of pure gold!  He was deceived because this was fools' gold!  When Alex found out about the villain he was not flexible.  Instead, he was cautious and scanned the span of the West to see his document. (This little gadget could see who you are, 'cuase it was the law - you must wear your document).  He lingered behind a house and found and arrested the villain for not wearing his document.  Josh gave him…

When a Mom is sent to the Doghouse

There are times in life when we all feel like we're in the proverbial doghouse. I mean, as kids we falter and fail and the riot act is read to us and we're only wishing for a tail that could display our obvious shame and remorse for all the bad we are or have done. Then as we grow and become adults there seem to be many more of these doghouse moments. Unless of course you are of the high-performing, hardly-faced-a-failure-in-your-life kind of person. If that's you, just skip this entry because it won't apply.
There are those times when we fail to show up on time to something and people scorn us - if you're like me, there are repeated times when I fail to show up at all - having totally forgotten that I was supposed to be somewhere. Which is why being a stay-at-home Mom suits me just fine. I can never be late to my job. I can never fail to be on-site or available - unless I try really hard and get sucked into computer-land. Maybe it is easy after all to be …