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A Mother's Piety

In the interest of full disclosure, let me tell you that what you are about to read isn't my normal attitude.  But it is, for real, one I had today.  It is all well and good to write when I have nice things to say.  When my words will challenge, convict and inspire.  The words I wrote in frustration today I will put below so you can enjoy my full-blown honesty.  This may give you a glimpse into my 'not-so-rosy' days.  It may discourage you.  I don't know.  Take it or leave it.

So I had arranged all the kids to be doing something that might keep them occupied (and it didn't work).  I decided I needed to catch up some on my reading through the Bible AGENDA.  Yeah, I put 'agenda' in CAPS because that's all it seems to be - some lofty goal and virtuous aspiration.  Bible reading can't hurt, I muse.  So why not?  Maybe this could help my soul.  Maybe I will change.  Maybe I will become more...inspiring?  Gracious?  Kind?  Patient?  Like Jesus?  I don&#…

20 Things You Didn't Know About My Sister

1.  She was the first to arrive in our family while also the second oldest.  (My brother joined us later, though he is older).

2.  She was always my 'big' sister even though I overtook her in height.  She could always put me in my place because she had every right to (by her example and older-ness).

3.  We used to have knock-out drag-down fights - especially with hair pulling and wrestling over the t.v. remote (which in our family was always called 'the button-pusher').

4.  She knew how to stay out of the worst conflicts in our home.  She got a lot more homework done this way, I think.

5.  In our teens I was always jealous of how popular she was.  Boys were smitten with her.  Some would follow her home just to be in her presence.  I was amazed by the hold she had over them, even though she didn't give them much time or attention.

6.  As a kid she really detested family picnics.

7.  Whenever we're in Florida she doesn't feel her time is complete without a …

Toothbrush Holder Extensions - Tea parties with Grandma

Here are more pics of Caleb's invention:

It now features a back compartment for storing your toothpaste!

And this morning Andrew and Hannah had a tea party with Grandma - Look!

Caleb's Toothbrush Holder

Another piece of randomness for my blog:  Caleb loves Lego and has put his designing talents to good use.  He is deciding to do something useful with his Legos rather than just to play with as a toy...  Hence our family's toothbrushes were always getting soggy in a cup or one was getting lost and such - he made us a toothbrush holder.  This is the first of many inventions to come in the future.

What Pleases God

I was looking up a certain poem I remember learning once.  It took me a while to find the exact version, since apparently Paul Gerhardt wrote things in German so there are a number of different renderings and translations and such.  So, in case you too were looking for this obscure but most helpful, wise poem, I will stick it here in my blog to assist your search :)

Perhaps it will bless you as it has me.

WHAT PLEASETH GOD What pleaseth God with joy receive;
Though storm-winds rage and billows heave
And earth’s foundations all be rent,
Be comforted; to thee is sent

What pleaseth God. God’s will is best; to this resigned,
How sweetly rests the weary mind!
Seek, then, this blessed conformity,
Desiring but to do and be

What pleaseth God. God’s thoughts are wisest; human schemes
Are vain delusions, idle dreams;
Our purposes are frail and weak;
With earthly mind we seldom seek

What pleaseth God. God is the holiest; and his ways
Are full of kindness, truth, and grace;
His blessing crowns our ea…

Snooty Graceless People

Got a bee in my bonnet... Gonna let it fly.

Snooty graceless people run around putting others under their particular microscope.  It is not a microscope of virtue or righteousness according to actual moral standards.  Oh no.  It is the microscope of 'my own personal standards'.  Generally this applies to external things like:
diet and exercise habits (or lack thereof)
financial choices
(add your own here)

They are the most miserable, unhappy people.  They purse their lips and sigh and think to themselves, "If only they would do what I would do, life would be so much better for them."  They pat themselves on the back and think of themselves as more righteous, holy, with-it, together...  They sadly look at others and think, "If only..." they could be as happy as I am... Sour, judgemental as I am.

Snooty graceless people burden others with their opinion (value-less might I add) of them.  They think it actually matters what th…