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A Three-Stranded Cord

Today I'll link you up to my post on A Biblical Marriage website.

I'm writing about the often-given advice that marriage issues should be worked out privately with no outside help.  I didn't address this specifically, but I do believe that many marriages struggle specifically because of taking this approach - this advice: 'Never share your struggles with others outside your marriage.  Work it out between you.'  This is human wisdom.  This teaching stems from pride - and generally a need to protect one's ego.  (For example, 'I need to feel honoured in my marriage.  If my wife/husband were to share the things that go on with someone else, I'd be embarrassed.  Therefore, it is better to always work things out alone.')  It may go a long way to protecting each other's (perhaps unrealistic?) reputation, but won't go very far in ensuring a healthy relationship!

God, and support from others are key in building a lasting, growing, strong, healthy r…

The Laundry [Guest Post]

Today I have a guest post by Jackie Kenney - enjoy her thoughts on life and laundry!  I sure did!

The Laundry of Life
When I was little, Mom washed, dried, folded and put away all of my clothes. Then she would get the clothes out of the dresser and put them on my squirmy little body. Later, I grew independent enough to open the dresser by myself and choose outfits from the clean clothes that magically appeared there.  Folded, mended, there they were, every day, just waiting for me. 
As I grew Mom let me "help" sort the dirty and fold the clean. I followed her everywhere. I told her that our washing machine talked. It swished back and forth saying, "Wash the clothes, wash the clothes." The wringer was very fascinating. I soon learned the hard way to keep my fingers and hair far away from it.
 I grew up and moved away from home. I had to wash all my own laundry all by myself. It was an awful chore. It required quarters and a large commitment of time . . . about a half …

My Grandpa by Caleb Logan

My Grandpa enjoys teaching me.  He enjoys taking me places, and teaching me new things.  He knows his family tree and will often play with words; he will also tell us stories.  His smile is a warming fire; his laugh is like a roaring lion.  I can ask him a question and the wise old owl will answer.  He is one of my best friends!

  When he's around I'm spoiled.  He'll take me out for a snack, and my family for dinner.  He'll have me and my siblings over for the afternoon and night.  I'll bring my stuff and be a very happy guy.  He can make me a happy kid!

  When we visit him in Florida we take the best memories home.  I'll pick oranges, then use an old fashioned orange squeezer, and we'll make the best orange juice ever.  Sometimes we'll mix oranges with grapefruit; the juice probably tastes better than ambrosia - probably much healthier too!  Other memories are having lights everywhere, the scene of presents and Grandma saying: "Come, try this on,…

The Urgency of Parenting

Dear Sarah 10 years from now,
(So, this is a letter to me for later)

Well, has it been worth it?  Didn't people tell you the time would fly?  I'm guessing it has flown - and you are probably reading this with wide-eyed wonder thinking, how did you know I would say this?!

Did you realize that the days and weeks could pass so quickly and that you could fill them with frivolous necessities or with rich nourishment meant to cultivate soul-fruit?  When you were 11 years into the parenting journey, it suddenly dawned on you that you could fill the days, weeks, months and years with adequate food, shelter, activity, education and even a fun event or two - some entertainment and social maneuvering - and raise a body yet forfeit a soul.

I trust you haven't sought to do that in these remaining years.  That you have seen your parenting as so much more than seeing to the physical, social and emotional needs of your kids.  Didn't you one day realize that the incubation of home-lif…

Content or Control Freak?

I am coming to realize that it is hard to be both content and a control freak at the same time.  People who have a high need to control everything in their lives tend to find contentment just a wee bit elusive.  Okay, more than a wee bit perhaps.

I have generally thought of myself as the laid-back, non-controlling type.  When control is mentioned in sermons I have tended to pat myself on the back and say, 'Well at least that's one area that I don't struggle in!  This is for all those controlling types out there.'  Oh, how wrong I have been!

Because even in my laid-back personality - my laissez-faire, anything goes, can't ruffle my feathers attitude - even beneath all these layers is a deep-seated need to control.  I just didn't realize it.  But sure enough, when I lose my temper, and I wonder why, I discover it is the need to control driving my loss of self-control.  When I find myself tense and annoyed, underlying this is a need to control.  When I cannot lau…

Man of Sorrows

Today I have a guest post from writer, Jackie Kenney, who has written some beautiful thoughts about the Man of Sorrows.


He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering.Isaiah 53:3  I know this sounds so unspiritual but each time I read this I hear the Soggy Bottom Boys from the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou? singing "I-I-I  am a mama-in of constant sorrow, I've seen trouble all my day.( I've seen trouble all my day)" I looked up that song on You Tube. I wanted to find out if it was written for the movie or if it was old and maybe had something to do with the Isaiah 53 "Man of Sorrows". Depending on who sings it, the words roughly are: I am a man of constant sorrow; I've seen trouble all my day             I bid farewell to old Kentucky, the place where I was born and raised             For six long years I've been in trouble, no pleasures here on earth I found             For in this world I'm bound to…