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Sweetness that is Hannah

Dimpled hands and chubby cheeks,
Soft wisps of hair tickling my chin,
Precious sweetness that is Hannah,
Nestled on my chest at peace with the world.

Bruises and scrapes have lost their sting
The dreams that settle in
Upon her as she sleeps
The magic milk has done its work -
 Now dribbling down her cheek.

And she is mine for this moment in time
to hold and kiss and stroke her hair.
I know she won't know these days occurred,
But I'll record it for her - someday, perhaps,
She'll read and remember as if she were there.

If you give a kid a cuddle

If you give a kid a cuddle he'll want a tickle to go with it.

And with that tickle comes a giggle that soon becomes a belly-laugh.

Before long you find yourself giggling too.

With the cuddle you gave him you'll get wiggles besides - and sometimes in your sides as the tickling becomes wrestling and your ribs get poked with little feet.

And you'll be annoyed but not enough to shove him aside because his squeals of delight egg you on to give more and more tickles until he can hardly breathe.

You'll pause long enough for him to catch his breath.  And squeeze him close for a bear-tight hug.  And suddenly what was just going to be a cuddle has become another important moment of childhood where he discovers the joy, pleasure, safety and wonderment of Mama's arms.

So, if you give your child a cuddle, be sure you have time for a tickle too.  And a belly-laugh and a giggle.

And watch out because then he'll want you to be his jungle gym and climb over and on top of you.