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Junie B. Jones has a Dead Reckoning

I'm going to have my vent right here about what I have so far been quite ignorant about. I am not the most vigilant of parents, so it shouldn't surprise me that this escaped my radar. I was just happy to find that Priscilla was getting into reading on her own and choosing to read for leisure. It warmed my heart to see her lying on her bed after school reading voraciously. I just figured, how bad can 1st or 2nd grade literature be? Should be fairly harmless... besides, I don't have time to read every cutesy novel that crosses her path. Think again, clueless Mama.
Junie B. is not necessarily earth-shatteringly bad. It did do what I suppose it set out to do - inspire reading. That's about all I give it credit for. After asking someone what she thought of Junie B. I was surprised to discover she wasn't given the green-light go-ahead by my friend. Then I thought, 'Well, I can't just rely on what my friend said - she may just be hyper-sensitive, I'll…

My Apologies

So, I'm stuck in the middle of the story - sorry folks, I'll continue in due time. I just don't know why it always gets a week past the burglary and I'm befuddled as to how to explain that we got engaged just a short 5 weeks later. I mean, it is taking me longer to write it than it took to happen. I do intend to continue. Call it writers' block. Pregnancy brain. Four kids, a mother-in-law and a husband on a business trip. This, I tell myself, is not the time to update the blog. So thank you for indulging me, and being patient.
Just to give you a preview of coming attractions, Sam did not really have an interest in me for the first two weeks after the burglary. Sounds like not a long time, I know, but at the time when I look back I didn't know it would only be two weeks. I thought he would be another in a long line of my 'hopefuls' (me being the hopeful one). Maybe it wasn't such a long line. There had actually only been 2 or 3 in my lif…

Journal Entry from 18 August 1999

Well, I've just decided to go to Hong Kong. I can't say exactly why I'm going - just to do this TESL course I suppose and because Mom and Dad seem to want me there. I'm not even exactly sure if this is what I ought to be doing for the next 4 months, but it's been decided. I'm only really concerned about how I'll manage financially. I don't know if I'll find any good English teaching jobs, on top of that, if I do, I wonder how I'd fare since I don't feel all that capable of English teaching! I'm a bit concerned about leaving the apartment without properly packing up. But I suppose it's just like me to up and leave on a whim. I'm also worried that when I get back I won't have any more piano students or that when I explain that I'm leaving (piano students that is) - they won't be too happy - since four months is a long break from piano lessons. I guess I'm just really trusting that this is what God wants me t…