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Is This My Invitation?

I don't know what my life is all about - So I get stuck in my head Trying to figure the mysteries I live - In wandering thoughts I lose sight of today: I miss sunshine's warmth, the glistening dew, Morning's fresh glow and  The wonder of each moment.
Getting lost in my head I cannot hear The chorus of nature - the whisper of peace. Is this an invitation to lay to rest Big, un-earthly questions? To be still and sit before the busy bees, working ants And bullfrog's rhythmic tempo?
Is this my invitation to gratitude, To feel the Breath of life Inspire, and respire The sluggish spirit in me? To receive this Breath - this intimate infusion, This communing of my flesh-embodied spirit With the Heavenly, Gracious, Soul-stirring, Life-Breathing, Divine  Spirit?
The wind blows and reminds me once again That this power and force is only seen or known In feeling, movement,  Impact and effects.
I am moved, Breathed-upon, Invited to feel and be known, To receive and revive: Enter the moment unhindered Un-distrac…