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Purity and Prayer - a Link

I don't normally post links on my blog, but sometimes I come across something worthwhile and think my readers would appreciate.  So here is a link of a beautiful wedding photo as well as the story behind it.  Maybe you'll be blessed by it as I was:

The Power of Prayer

When Words Do Damage - 7 Tips for Communicating during Conflict

Today I'm linking you over to A Biblical Marriage Blog where I wrote very honestly about my struggles in communicating in marriage.  Maybe you will relate to my tendency to fury and passion - and the lack of self-control!

As always, I enjoy hearing from you in the comments!  Thanks!

Loving and Communicating Hand in Hand - Part 1

And here is the link for Part 2 where I give 7 tips for communicating in marriage:

Loving and Communicating Hand in Hand - Part 2

Prayer of a Modern Pharisee

Oh Lord,

I thank You for the redemption I now have which, though a gift from You, came by my choosing.  I am so glad I was able to see the light and have chosen well.

Others aren't as blessed as I am.  I thank You that I can live at peace knowing I have crossed every 't' and dotted every 'i' in the realm of spiritual living.

Thank you for my freedom which I use so wisely and that I don't live as a slave to my job or to money or to my hobbies but that I give myself to much worthier pursuits...unlike SO many others.

Thank you for helping me to see the better way and please help me to instruct others accordingly, because I know they will be so blessed by my superior knowledge.

For these things I thank you,

Do I need to comment on the above?  I hope not.  I hope it is apparent what I mean by putting this out there.  Don't our prayers smack of this sentiment sometimes?  Instead, let our prayers reflect the sentiment of the tax-collector who knew the…

Cuando estás en el final de la cuerda Parenting

Ayer fue difícil para nosotros. Uno de nuestros hijos tenían percepciones por fusión bajadas continuas y el mal y nos hizo nuestra cena en tiempo casi insoportable. Otro niño enchufado orejas y dejó la mesa en un momento sólo para escapar del caos.   Sorprendentemente , no perdió los estribos. (Inserte aquí aplausos). 

Admitir esto al público es algo atrevido, y si yo era el tipo sensible que no podía hacerlo . Todo el mundo piensa que saben cómo manejar a un niño con necesidades especiales ... hasta que lo tiene. Yo confiaba en mi crianza hasta que la vida nos lanzó una curva.  podría haber aconsejado a todos los padres por ahí exactamente cómo manejar cada acción disciplinaria posible imaginable.Yo era creativa, valiente, inquebrantable, obstinado incluso.   era una mamá a tener en cuenta.

Y luego tuvimos un niño que no encaja en el molde. No rodar con los golpes.  Él no 'get' nuestro método.  Él no conforme, presentar, responde o parece incluso entender la causa y el efecto d…

When You're At the End of Your Parenting Rope

Yesterday was hard for us.  One of our children had continual melt-downs and wrong perceptions and made our dinner-time almost unbearable.  Another kid plugged his ears and left the table at one point just to get away from the mayhem.  Amazingly, I didn't lose my temper.  (Insert applause here).

Admitting this to the public is somewhat bold, and if I was the sensitive type I couldn't do it.  Everyone thinks they know how to handle a special-needs kid...until they have one.  I was confident in my parenting until life threw us a curveball.  I could have advised every parent out there exactly how to handle every possible disciplinary action imaginable.  I was creative, courageous, unyielding, stiff-necked even.  I was a Mom to be reckoned with.

And then we had a child who didn't fit the mold.  He didn't roll with the punches.  He didn't 'get' our method.  He didn't conform, submit, respond or seem to even understand the cause and effect of discipline!  If an…