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Safely Through Another Year

So today was a quiet, low-lying celebration of the completion of my 36th year of God-given life.  I was sure by the many incidents of severe disrespect of my parents that I would barely make it this far, if at all.  Perhaps as a child with my literal rendering of the verse: "Children obey your parents...that you may live long in the land..." I somehow started docking years off my life every time I acted, spoke or thought of my parents in a dishonouring way.  And I usually quit counting once I got down into my 30's because by then I'd fallen asleep.  Way more effective than counting sheep if you ask me.

Why was it quiet, and low-lying?  Well, because we are a houseful of ailing Logans.  All five kids.  All two parents.  And one very healthy, robust and capable Mother-in-law who graciously puts up with us all and aids us in our distress.  We postponed my birthday until January 4th.  Just in case you were wondering.  That gives you all time to get your well-wishes in t…

Marriage Stress During Holidays

Today I will link you up to a post I wrote over at A Biblical Marriage Blog.  It's hard when there are so many activities and potential stressors over the holidays.  Here I share some thoughts and ideas about keeping marriage in-tact when it's all too easy to let the priority of the marriage relationship slide!

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Honoring Marriage During Stressful Seasons: