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Valley of Vision for Children - A Christian's Prayer

Another from my effort to simplify language for children from the Puritan classic, Valley of Vision:

Wonderful God,
All around are so many traps I can fall into -
Will You defend me?
When I feel tired and lazy and want to just kick back and relax and not do what You ask me to, would You please show me just a little glimpse of heaven?
When all I want is the stuff I see around me advertised in store windows and fliers that come in our mailbox, would You help me to grow in the wealth of Your house?
When the pleasures the world has to offer me are tangling me up in their worthless causes, help me not to fall into the guilt that I'd feel if I gave into them.
Help me to remember how much You've freed me from -
Let me not ever be too busy to give attention to the important things of my soul.
Please help me to be mindful of my eternal home when I get wrapped up in the busyness of my life and consumed with each hour's tasks - so that I can not only live for You now, but grow close…

Thanks To God!

Here is a hymn that I love to sing at Thanksgiving.  Some of the words were a bit archaic so I took poetic license and changed them (apologies to August Ludvig Storm, 1862-1914).

Thanks to God for my Redeemer, Thanks for all that You provide! Thanks for times now but a memory, Thanks for Jesus by my side!
          Thanks for pleasant, balmy springtime,           Thanks for colours in the fall!           Thanks for tears by now forgotten,           Thanks for peace within my soul!
Thanks for prayers that You have answered, Thanks for all that You’ve denied! Thanks for storms that I have weathered, Thanks for all that You supply!
          Thanks for pain, and thanks for pleasure,           Thanks for comfort in despair!           Thanks for grace that none can measure,           Thanks for love beyond compare!
Thanks for roses by the wayside, Thanks for thorns their stems contain! Thanks for home and thanks for fireside, Thanks for hope, that sweet refrain!
          Thanks for joy and thanks for sorrow…

Be Careful with Romans 8:28!

And we know

that in all things

God works

for the good

of those who love Him

who have been called according to His purpose...

I have a bee in my bonnet about the abuse of this verse.  So let me get it out there to set the record straight.

First - it begins with 'And' which means there were 27 verses previous to this leading up to it.  It cannot be ignored that this entire chapter is about the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer in Jesus.  I could go into an exposition of the first 27 verses - but this has been done by so many others so much better than I could, so I'll just leave it at that.  'And' means there is a context.  Don't ignore it.

'We know' refers to a group of people identified as 'we.'  It is not the royal 'we' but a specific group of those who can affirm the truths of this entire chapter, book, and book-of-books.  'We' does not refer to anyone.

'That in all things' - this phrase is self-expl…

A Wee Bit About Politics

I love this quote I saw on a friend's facebook page:
‎"I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a  friend." -Thomas Jefferson

Indeed - thank you Thomas Jefferson!!  
We would do well to remember that this country holds such a broad range of viewpoints and opinions. 
We who call ourselves Christians claim citizenship in a heavenly country - while we traverse this pathbelow - we must remind ourselves of the heavenly kingdom to which we belong.  
Yes, I see the need for changes in our country.  One party doesn't fit all the things I want to be changed.
At some level I need to trust the God will carry out His purpose for our nation.  And if anyone puts me in charge, then I suppose I will get to change everything to how I want it.  Ha ha.  Not really – becausewe have this great system where there are checks and balances.

Anyway - I remain committed to the open hand of friendship to those with whom I disagr…

Simplifying Christmas: A Link

Today I will link you to a post I just wrote for A Biblical Marriage.

Here I share ideas for how to navigate the coming six weeks which can be quite stressful - by keeping your focus where it should be.

I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment!

Celebrate the Holy Days with a K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart!

(Featuring photography by the most excellent Lydia Francis herself, photographer extraordinaire!!  Her website is Ginger Snap)

Early Mommyhood Pitfalls

The other day I was reflecting on the first few years of being a Mom.  I had my first two kids so close together - 19 months apart - that I was often dizzy from the upkeep of home and kids and errands.  Now that we have more kids - and more variety in temperaments, I realize the first two were extremely easy-going and required very little to keep them happy.  I didn't realize at the time how easy I had it!  And if someone had told me I would have been annoyed - so thanks to all of you who kept your mouths shut.

The first baby is a bit of a shock.  I hadn't realized how much time it took to get out the door.  How much was involved in lugging a carseat everywhere.  How slow it was to buckle him in each time.  How inconvenient last-minute diaper blow-outs were.  You get the picture.

But after a while, and after the second baby and feeling like I was swimming in baby clothes and burp rags, the novelty of baby-fun had totally worn off.  Okay, it probably happened before the second…