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Exercising Gratitude: 30 Days - 10


Today I am grateful to discover and realize changes in myself. I don't love change - avoid it, actually. And I often feel I'm not changing fast enough. But today a memory popped up in my Facebook of something I said 6 years ago. And I didn't quite agree with myself. Normally I'd skip sharing it because I'm a bit embarrassed by my own self. So it was a bit of a risk, but I shared anyway - learning confidence that all I've been and said in the past doesn't have to 'stick' - doesn't define me now, but is merely a record of my journey. Thankfully, the narrative continues.

I said this a few years ago...and see how I've changed...I still think it's true, about worry and anxiety, sort of, on some level. But I see a critical edge in my statement below, and it gave me pause to consider - to see and realize how I've changed. Grief changes us.

Here is the quote I don't really care for:

"At the heart of worry, anxiety, and fear…