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Emails from the week after the burglary 3

Regarding giving Sam advice on girls, I was actually quite annoyed with his methodical approach. I had stirring passions and strong opinions on the subject, as I tend to do on almost every subject that crosses my path. Perhaps it was God Who helped me not say what I thought the moment I thought it, but to write it down for him to digest on his own.
From: Sarah Crutchfield Monday October 11, 1999
Subject: a thought for you
I wrote this on the bus to school this morning, you can take it or leave it: Sam, don't pursue marriage because you want to get married and there's a nice girl that wants to marry you. Get married someday because there is a girl so precious to you that you can't imagine life without her. You, as a man, must be fully convinced of your love for her - it is even more essential than she being fully convinced of her love for you. You must be confident and know that you love her, without a doubt in your mind. Your heart will bear witness and give you ass…

Psalm 119 Study

I just did a quick study through Psalm 119. I was looking specifically for places that it would highlight how God's Word is more important than other things. I like the way David writes Psalms so personally - expressing his own feelings, desires, requests, hopes, beliefs, confidences or lack thereof. I hope to go through this study with our kids (writing it here will make me accountable I assume!). There are probably many more topics, but I came up with 14:
God's Word is More important to me than:
-Sin I suppose that's obvious! But for those of us who are well acquainted with our struggles and personal failings, this is more than obvious - it is difficult. What I mean is, I feel God's Word is important to me - more than anything - at least that's what my heart would tell me. But when it comes to losing my temper, wasting time, or any other sin that trips me up... is God's Word, and obedience to it, more important to me? For my kids, is God's Word more …

How I Met Sam Part 32

The second weekend when we met up to go to the Barbeque etc. Sam and I had begun to talk about relationship issues. He was asking me certain 'inquiry' questions about friends who are girls - kind of using me as a reference as in 'I don't know what girls think when I am their friend...' type of thing. Being the engineer that he is, he just figured that you just pick one of your girl friends (not girlfriends) and pursue and jump through certain relational hoops and voila! you get married... It sounded very dry and mechanical and deeply unromantic to me. Who am I to talk, I suppose, since I wasn't enthralled with the idea of romance myself. I should have just agreed with him and his methodical approach to relationships. No, on the other hand, if I had agreed we'd never be where we are today...and I must believe that it was good I didn't agree. So for all my protesting (inwardly, to myself and others...) I think I was disingenuous to remark I had no…

Emails from the week after the burglary 2

Let me preface this by saying I am copying into here some emails as we began to interact entirely in writing, since phone costs were so high at the time, and though I edit inconsequential (read: boring) stuff I am leaving in many of the more personal things I was thinking/feeling at the time. I have no problem being so open about my heart, my life, the inner goings on of my thoughts at the time. It may go against some people's nature, and I thought of keeping some of these things private, but on second thought, I thought, no, maybe others struggle in the same way I did/do. Maybe reading and hearing how I worked through my fears, loneliness, struggles to find wholeness - maybe someone can benefit from it. I do not feel I need to hide any of it. But if it makes you uncomfortable to read it, I won't mind at all. That is just my disclaimer.

Thursday Oct 7, 99

Dear Samuel, I do appreciate your words of comfort and encouragement...I was sure I would sleep alright last night i…

Emails from the week after the burglary

Again, apologies for the lack of blogging - computer keyboard was sprayed by a certain two-year old making it only type certain letters - most frustrating! Took a while to get a new keyboard hooked up. The joys and sacrifices of parenting.
Here are a few funny and interesting emails from the week following the burglary. It is just ironic what is said in a couple of them!
Monday Oct 4, 1999
From someone named Anne (who I've never met, but knew Sam):
"one of the techie's here pulled the news item off the net from the S China morning post. So, is it true? Is Sam Sarah's beau or is it another blooper from the media? love, anne"
From me: "This is Sarah. No, it's not true. That was a media blooper."

From Dorothy (who I've never met): "hi sarah- this is dorothy - annes daughter and samuel's friend. it was one of my friends who pulled the article off the web...he knows sam from philly. we are all praising the Lord for this miracle and your be…