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Why I don't say 'I'll pray for you'.... often

Lately I feel like my lack of discipline in prayer has become obvious - and obviously in need of change.  I have never been one to cozy up to the word, or the thought of any discipline.  Prayer - a discipline of prayer?  Really?  If prayer is talking to God, and something I do all the time basically, why did I need to grow in this discipline?

Well, because so many people have come into my path that undeniably need me to intercede for them.  The Prophet Samuel said, "Far be it from me to sin by failing to pray for you."  This has always bothered me somewhat.  It has convicted me.  Challenged me.  But come up short of changing me.

But as others have come onto the horizon of my life and I see the battles they face, as I grieve for them, hurt with them, worry for them, I realize in many cases my only option is to be dilligent in prayer.  And so I will be.

But I hate to say, "I'll pray for you."  Because it sounds trite, a smidgen of hopefulness, a wee thought - i…

Imitating the Psalms

Okay, so I don't view poetry as a strength of mine.  I write it sometimes when the thought strikes, but usually it is poor and more just an avenue of thought rather than a great skill or technical excellence.  I'm sure writing in all styles should be.  But I'll just mention this as a disclaimer.  I wrote the following poem twenty years ago.  So I was much younger and the phrases may sound old.  Oh well.  I'll put it here in case it holds any value to encourage you.  Because in it I wanted to write my own Lament Psalm.  You see, the Psalms teach us to emote - to practice bearing our souls before God.  And many of them are happy, teachy, preachy, historic - you get the picture.  But many are laments.  And laments are worth lamenting about and over.  So I did.  And here it is.  My own personal lament Psalm.

A Personal Lament Psalm
Will someone hear me?  Will someone pray? Oh Please Pray!
Ask the Lord to keep me safe, Safe from danger, safe from doubts, Safe from the enemy, saf…

The BEST Gift to Give Your Husband This Valentine's Day

Dear Wives Who Might Come Across This Blog,

I am no expert in marriage or relational harmony.  I only know what I've seen and experienced.  I observe others, I slog through life with it's ups and downs.  I struggle like the rest of the world.  But there is one thing I am dedicated to giving my husband.  Year in and year out I have one primary goal - a basic gift I want to be a foundational experience for our marriage, and by extension, our home.  I want my sons and daughters to grow up observing me give this gift.  I want this to be understood as basic - as a no-brainer.  But it is something I think may be lacking in the lives of many.

I haven't always succeeded in giving it.  I haven't been totally virtuous and uncomplaining.  But I want to put this out there because you may have missed it.  And I'll bet your husband has missed it.  Just ask him.  Or better yet, make him out a note or a cute card or some such thing and dedicate yourself this moment to giving him …