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If I were a Nanny....

If I were a nanny...I would get dressed at home and drive to another house looking professional and have mental time to prepare for the day.

I would probably be frustrated by my limitations with discipline - not being the parent with full authority.  Just think: I AM a parent and have full authority!

I'd probably always be on the look out for good ideas and ways to improve.

I would probably NOT be housekeeper too - there would be other "staff" for that!

People who hire nannies also often like their kids in multiple activities - so I would often be driving kids to events and classes with lots of time to myself in between.

I would go home at the end of the day and use the evenings to exercise, cook and do laundry.

I would sleep all night and be "off duty" for at least 12 hours out of 24.

I would probably pray like crazy.  And I'd probably by super-critical of others' parenting.  I would probably long to be a parent and think of all the things I would do …

Stone Soup - Stingy Hearts

Last night there was a ladies event at Church titled 'Stone Soup'.  It involved the telling of the tale that we are probably all familiar with - of poor weary travellers longing for a meal and coaxing it out of stingy villagers.  It got me to thinking - especially after Janine's wonderful talk about all that keeps us from generously opening our hearts, lives and resources to others (insert shameless plug for Janine here: - still don't know how to turn that blue)...

I recognized a stingy-ness in my own heart.  I have to be honest that the thing I am most stingy with is not money, time, affection, serving, friendship or food!  It is my love that I am most apt to withhold.  And there is very good reason for this.  Reason - but not justification.  I guess I haven't figured out how to give love without making myself vulnerable to attack, rejection, pain, discouragement and frustration.  I look at how God loves and am awed that He in His great heart …

A Worshiping Heart

...does not need its ego to be stroked.  It does not need stylistic preferences to be performed.  And in all honesty - a truly worshiping heart acknowledges the Object of worship even above the objective of it.  A worshiping heart seeks to bless an audience of One.  It does not seek to perform for mere earthly hearers.  Worshipers recognize that the goal is to enjoy, bless, hallow, exalt, rejoice in, delight in, declare truths about, and bring laud and honour to their rightful King.

My worship belongs to God.  If it is in the quietness of my own heart - that is enough.  But it could go farther.  It could go to a piano and bring rejoicing to a silent room.  Or it could go even farther - it could go to human listeners who rejoice together with my worship efforts.  Or it could remain hidden and quiet, on a shelf for only God to enjoy.  Either way, I will choose to make it about Him, and not me.

Worship belongs in the heart that loves Jesus.

It belongs in homes and families.

It belong…