Make your own Shampoo!

The sub-title of this blog includes total randomness, so chalk this one up under that category...

I read recently of someone who had quit shampoo. Always on the lookout for how to simplify life and in efforts at being really REALLY frugal, I thought I'd give it a try. (I know, from the sublime to the mundane, this is a multiple-personality blog)... I modified the recipe, since what I first tried made my hair feel almost too squeaky clean. I have gone 3 weeks now with my new homemade shampoo and my hair is less greasy and more manageable than with all the other stuff I'd use. I also like to try to minimize the use of synthetic chemicals on the body, though I don't get too fanatical about that. I make my own creams too sometimes (but I don't usually tell people, lest they think I'm really weird. Oh, too late, anyone who knows me would conclude this!)

Here's my recipe:

4 cups water
4 T. Baking soda
4 drops tea tree oil
Optional add in:

1t. baby shampoo
1t. any conditioner

Mix it all, shake it up and voila!

It is very watery, obviously, and the last two ingredients are optional. I added those after I tried the original part for a week. It just made it lather a bit, whereas it didn't lather before. The conditioner is just a novelty - makes my hair comb faster. Use as much as you want or as little to get your hair to feel clean.

Just think how cheap this is! Now, if I can just get all members of my household to jump on the bandwagon...


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