Moving West: A Pioneer Story by Caleb Logan

Far away on planet Destructo there was an aggressive, justifying villain who treacherously plotted evil.  Now, on one hazy afternoon he got his document and cautiously put it in a bluff so no-one could know who he was.  Once he had finished he had one mishap: tripping and falling off the bluff.  This overwhelmed him which caused him to want to emigrate to the luxurious 'West' (a place of ease and comfort).  There was someone called 'Alex' - an associate of Josh, a man who lived in the West.  When the villain came he saw glamour everywhere - the streets were made of pure gold!  He was deceived because this was fools' gold!  When Alex found out about the villain he was not flexible.  Instead, he was cautious and scanned the span of the West to see his document. (This little gadget could see who you are, 'cuase it was the law - you must wear your document).  He lingered behind a house and found and arrested the villain for not wearing his document.  Josh gave him a new gadget and a big "Congratulations old pal!"


  1. I see you have a budding writer in your midst...give him two thumbs up for me, Sarah!


    1. Thanks Vicki! He needs lots of encouragement! :)


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