Day to Day in our Family

Here's a letter I just wrote to my parents in Hong Kong.  I try to keep them updated on stuff since whenever I get on the phone with them I draw a blank and kids pester me and I can't think straight.  This is a snapshot of our kids' world these days...

(I found a wooden toy-workbench on the side of the road and cleaned it up for a play kitchen for Hannah and Andrew)

Hi Mom and Dad,

I'll write this quick before priscilla needs it for her math and history.  

Yesterday we had a nice turkey dinner with Stoddards.  They just got a chihuahua puppy -teacup size - for free off of Craigslist.  The kids had so much fun with it!  His name is Santo.  The cat isn't thrilled with him.

They had a lot of fun out in their yard which backs up to the train tracks - don't worry - it is completely fenced.  Every train that went by they would wave at and the driver would honk.  

Steven's foot is healing - he doesn't need a wheelchair anymore.  Gene (the dad) makes little crochet cell-phone pouches - because crocheting is cathartic and fun, not cuz he has any use for cell-phone pouches.  Timo desperately wants to sell things.  I keep putting him off cuz I know what that means (he wants me to bake cookies or make stuff for him to sell).  I tell him to work and do chores for me and I'll pay him.  But he doesn't want to do that.  He wants to sell.  Yesterday he wrote me a note in big letters: 'If I dont sel I won't ever get rich.'  Spelled like that.  Guess he's right!  But I'm not about to encourage him to get rich off of my labours!  So maybe I'll talk Gene into letting Timo sell his cell-phone pouches.  Then at least he'll have inventory.

Caleb is doing well.  Whenever I see a Calvin and Hobbes book in the thrift store I get it and he thanks me profusely.  On Friday night we gave them their Easter baskets.  They were so surprised and thrilled.  It was completely unexpected.  Timo thanked me over and over.  I told them that it wasn't just from me but also from Aunt Lydia who sent the money for the stuff.  I just got your cheque in the mail.  Now we'll have to do something else fun with that.  What do you think we should do?  There is a new bakery in Winfield called Vanilla Sugar Bakery.  It is very high-end but worth it.  The treats are all homemade and delicious.  Sometimes I get them a treat there.  I told Caleb I know you could get a lot at McDonalds for the cost of one cupcake there but that you will enjoy that cupcake a whole lot more!  He agreed.  'Good thinking Mom' he said.

(This weekend they made spaghetti marshmallow towers)

Andrew is almost fully potty-trained.  He got to 9 days with no messes but then had to go back to day 1 when he pooped his pants.  When he gets to 10 days he gets to go on a date alone with Daddy.  Also, he is doing well at night - dry each night and goes with only undies on.  He very much likes stories read to him.  He wants more and more and is really upset when I say no more, it's bed time.

Hannah is finally showing interest in words and talking.  She has signed 'please' for some time now and 'more' but that's it.  Sporadically she would use 'ma-ee' or 'da-ee'.  But not consistently.  Yesterday she tried to say 'cracker' and 'cereal' and 'bowl'.  She also tries to say 'nose' like 'noh' and mouth like 'mou'

(Janet gave us a little table that her father had made for her when she was little.  Hannah and Andrew love it!)

Timo is doing well.  He is finally getting up for school in time, which has been a struggle.  Hope it continues.  he gets bent out of shape so easily and we're trying to help him learn to let things go.  He shows a lot of interest in spiritual things.  He is eager to read straight from the Bible and especially in Timothy where he pencilled in 'Logan' right after the book title.  He prays very honest great prayers.  He asks questions about God and Jesus.  He is thinking a lot about spiritual things.  Especially after Easter and the resurrection.  He wonders where Jesus is and since He's in heaven aren't we sure He's dead?  No, he rose up to heaven.  Timo thinks to be in heaven you have to be dead.  Makes logical sense I suppose.

Priscilla is doing well.  She folds laundry with me and says someday I'll be a Mommy like you.  So I told her she'd better enjoy folding laundry if that's the case.

This weekend we visited a lady from Church who is in a rehab facility.  She had a stroke.  The kids had fun going and meeting interesting people in the common area.  Then they went to get some firewood from a family who offered it.  Later Sam was going to take them bowling but it wasn't the right time and Timo had a melt-down and couldn't go so he took the rest of them to McD's for a treat.  I made Salmon crepes with sauce for supper.  They all liked it pretty much.  

Earlier this week I met with a girl I know about playing piano for her wedding in May.  It will be May 5th - a Sunday and hour away from here.

On Friday I had lunch with a friend from Church.  She has grown kids - college age - and I hear some of the stuff she deals with with them and I remember those days and know it probably wasn't the best/easiest time for you!  

Any more details you want to know?  Oh yes, we're still looking for a house.  End of this month we'll have to change our criteria since this is dragging on. All we need is a sizable home in West Chicago or Winfield with taxes under 8,000.  If you see something let me know.  Otherwise we'll have to go for less sizable and add on.  Or move somewhere where they don't tax up the wazoo.

Here is my supper schedule for your reference:
Mondays: Beans meal (lentils, split pea, Cuban black beans - whatever)
Tuesdays: Pasta meal
Wednesdays: Soup meal
Thursdays: Sandwich meal
Fridays: Pizza (salad if we're lucky)
Saturday: Huge salad meal (or leftovers or whatever I find in the fridge)
Sundays: Meat and Potatoes

What excitement is going on in your world?!


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