My Pet Kid Penguin

So lately Timothy has taken to wearing a penguin outfit.  You know - the plush, zip up costume generally sold in the month of October.  He discovered it during our unpacking recently and put it on and has barely taken it off for the last few days (except when I've made him).  I wonder if it has some kind of sensory effect - the tightness of it - the thickness - the warmth and the novelty.  Either way it has made for some entertaining moments over here at the Logan residence.

He also loves mowing the lawn.  Even if it doesn't need to be mowed, I will start it up for him and send him off.  In the fall it is raking leaves he loves and in the winter, shovelling snow.  (Neighbours: keep this in mind - when we run out of snow to shovel come by and see if he'll jump at the chance to shovel your driveway!)

This past week he was in his penguin outfit and wanted to mow the lawn.  Why not?  Who else in our neighbourhood has a giant penguin mowing their lawn?  We could even start a trend.

Later he was watering my plants.  Someone turned off the hose and he was not happy.  In fact, he really began to scream and cry and have the beginning of a meltdown.  I was chatting with a neighbour in our driveway when this happened and just turned to her and said, "Well, it looks like I'm going to have to go deal with an angry penguin..."

Today my dear sister-in-law took the four kids to the zoo for a fun outing.  You know what Timothy was wearing.  Sure enough, our little penguin got to visit the zoo.  Turns out a stranger thought he was so cute he asked if he could take his picture.  He is a smiling toothless wonder, cute as can be with a penguin hood and bright blue eyes shining out from under a huge yellow beak.  Too bad our camera is on the airplane with Sam just now, or I'd post a picture.

This evening Timothy and Priscilla were making a birthday card for Grandma.  It is has been a few hour project.  Gotta be quite a spectacular card to occupy two kids for an entire evening!  It's amazing what the need for a card can do to sibling squabbles - suddenly all whining and jostling for position came to a halt and discussions of what colour to put where became of utmost importance.  They generally get along, but today there were a few scuffles.  I kept commenting to Priscilla, "Isn't it fun to have a pet penguin for a little brother?  Isn't he so cute!?"  Sure enough, these comments took root and after the card making party was over, I found them dancing, hugging and cuddling together because who can resist hugging a big, giant, fuzzy penguin - especially if he's your little brother?

So, here in this blog I share the challenges - but I would be only sharing half the story if I forgot to include these brighter moments.  Our family isn't always crazy and difficult.  Sometimes we're just crazy and fun.

Suddenly, the idea of dressing like a penguin seems quite appealing.


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