Snooty Graceless People

Got a bee in my bonnet... Gonna let it fly.

Snooty graceless people run around putting others under their particular microscope.  It is not a microscope of virtue or righteousness according to actual moral standards.  Oh no.  It is the microscope of 'my own personal standards'.  Generally this applies to external things like:
diet and exercise habits (or lack thereof)
financial choices
(add your own here)

They are the most miserable, unhappy people.  They purse their lips and sigh and think to themselves, "If only they would do what I would do, life would be so much better for them."  They pat themselves on the back and think of themselves as more righteous, holy, with-it, together...  They sadly look at others and think, "If only..." they could be as happy as I am... Sour, judgemental as I am.

Snooty graceless people burden others with their opinion (value-less might I add) of them.  They think it actually matters what they think of others and their behaviour, habits, etc.

They think God put them on this earth to wander around with 'eyes to see' - what others graciously overlook.  They see the dirty pile of dishes in the sink and judge: "If she would only do those dishes she would make her life so much better."  "If she made her bed every day she could be deemed righteous by me."

They like to judge every detail of the lives of those about them.  They apply personal standards as litmus tests of holiness.  They evaluate and nit-pick to see if their judgements could be increased or improved upon.  In fact, they have a hard time keeping their gleeful gavel-slamming opinions to themselves.  It would be so much more enjoyable to at least meet with one other person to compare notes and receive affirmations of what has obviously taken so much work to ponder.

Sometimes snooty graceless people do just that.  They involve others in their note-taking.  This is often under the guise of 'concerns' or 'prayer requests'.

I'd just like to give them a stern talking to and shake them out of their own self-imposed misery.  I'd like to dispense with self-control and yell at them, but I won't.

I'll just write this blog to get this bee out of my bonnet.


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