The Season of Re-

Pardon the poetry these days.  Sometimes it just spills out here and there.  Words emerge in mingled masses until I throw them on a scrap of paper, only to be lost somewhere along the way.  Here and there I may get them into this blog, for a more permanent chronicle of the gazillion thoughts that I think.  This one is mostly thoughts I am telling myself.  Am I the only one who talks to myself?  Hope not!


Re-tell, Re-write, Re-alize.
Re-engage, Re-turn - 
A turning again to what once was,
that might have missed its place - 
the place of significance, of priority, of impetus
on your journey.

Re-think, Re-new, Re-birth:
Because these all flow, 
each from the other.

Re-open - open your eyes to see what has been there,
but you never dared to see.  
See reality.  See yourself.  See the love you haven't held.

Re-visit - the things you tossed aside as useless -
Gifts of heritage and faith.
Re-evaluate.  You may find treasure.

In your rest, find a place to begin.  
To everything, turn again, and return.

What you once rejected, perhaps you will now re-integrate.
In receiving, be re-born.


In a discussion recently someone wrote these words, which I think apply to what I wrote above: 

"So rethink grace.  Relearn love.  Reacquire the liberty Christ died to give you.  Do that work.  It's worth it." (Thanks, Mike Moore).


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