My Apologies

So, I'm stuck in the middle of the story - sorry folks, I'll continue in due time. I just don't know why it always gets a week past the burglary and I'm befuddled as to how to explain that we got engaged just a short 5 weeks later. I mean, it is taking me longer to write it than it took to happen. I do intend to continue. Call it writers' block. Pregnancy brain. Four kids, a mother-in-law and a husband on a business trip. This, I tell myself, is not the time to update the blog. So thank you for indulging me, and being patient.

Just to give you a preview of coming attractions, Sam did not really have an interest in me for the first two weeks after the burglary. Sounds like not a long time, I know, but at the time when I look back I didn't know it would only be two weeks. I thought he would be another in a long line of my 'hopefuls' (me being the hopeful one). Maybe it wasn't such a long line. There had actually only been 2 or 3 in my life that I'd had an interest in. I mention this because this was one of the first conversations we had - about our longings for marriage. Basically the conversation went like this:

Sam: Well, when it comes to girls I can just see that there are dozens, or hundreds of possibilities. I can see how if I got to know almost any girl (faithful Christian), that we would just be good friends and eventually we would get married. Doesn't sound so difficult to me.

Sarah: That's pretty interesting. I mean the part about dozens or hundreds. I've met many many guys and liked some here and there, but as for considering any of them marriage-able, well, I can only think of one or two that I ever saw potential in. Somehow, within minutes of meeting and getting to know someone, I have usually crossed him off as far as any potential future. Maybe I'm just too picky. But I figure, it doesn't hurt to be picky.

And on the conversation went from there...


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