Emails from the week after the burglary

Again, apologies for the lack of blogging - computer keyboard was sprayed by a certain two-year old making it only type certain letters - most frustrating! Took a while to get a new keyboard hooked up. The joys and sacrifices of parenting.

Here are a few funny and interesting emails from the week following the burglary. It is just ironic what is said in a couple of them!

Monday Oct 4, 1999

From someone named Anne (who I've never met, but knew Sam):

"one of the techie's here pulled the news item off the net from the S China morning post. So, is it true? Is Sam Sarah's beau or is it another blooper from the media? love, anne"

From me:
"This is Sarah. No, it's not true. That was a media blooper."

From Dorothy (who I've never met):
"hi sarah- this is dorothy - annes daughter and samuel's friend. it was one of my friends who pulled the article off the web...he knows sam from philly. we are all praising the Lord for this miracle and your being able to get help.
anyway I just wanted to say that I am good friends with joy logan beer and that samuel is a wonderful young man so i would definitely send american recommendations for him in case any interest does spark in the future. he is Godly, comes from a great family, fun loving and smart;) after all, you saved his life...
i know this must be traumatic for you and you probably can't sleep. did you respond to this email at 3 am or so? i will keep you in prayer that the peace of God will preserve you...
i send my love and remind you of His - He that spared not His own Son, but delivered him up for us shall he not with Him freely give us all things? - Romans 8:32

From me:
"Hi Dorothy,
Though I don't know you I thank you for your note - I don't know Anne (or don't think I do) so I don't get how you guys know us. But that's okay. You're right, I can't sleep - I lay awake for hours and even when I get sleepy I keep waking myself up before I fall asleep cuz I'm so afraid. Other incidents have happened in this past month such as: spraining my ankle and using crutches for 3 weeks, food poisoning the following week, a direct hit hurricane/typhoon in which our neighbours blocked the drain and they got mad with me for removing the blockage and hit me on the head with a brick. All these have happened about a week apart. Most didn't shake me up too badly. After this incident I feel I will never be the same. I am God's child and need not be afraid, what can man do to me?
And yet I am still fearful - that or traumatized. I can't get Sam's screams out of my head - they were so piercing and desperate. I thought he was dying and so helpless as to stopping the men with the knives - even as I saw them hurting him.
As for romance, well, I don't believe in such silliness :) What I mean is, I'm afraid to love. (You're gonna think I'm a big 'fraidy cat!) I've been hurt before and don't care for any more such experiences. So I don't allow myself the luxury of considering possibilities. It was a nice thought though. I've only known Sam for one week, but I stayed with him at hospital and watched the guy stitch him up. That was very difficult for me, but he had wanted me to go in with him. he was covered in blood and smelled like a butcher's shop. He was also in a lot of pain. When my siblings and I were little and one of them was getting spanked, sometimes I couldn't help myself but to grab my dad or mom's arm to sop them - so you can guess how I felt when I saw the guys beating him up. I can't bear to see people in pain.
Well, this is it. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I can't say how much we need them.
love, sarah"

From Dorothy:
" you don't know me but I will be spending eternity with you and maybe if you come to the states you will visit your sister dorothy...
I can definitely understand why you are shook up. you have had quite a month. however did you climb out of the 2nd story window onto the car with a bad ankle???? I understand about the screams of sam shaking you up. when I read the emails I could hear sam screaming. I love sam but I couldn't help but be thankful that he was there that night. i couldn't help but think that the attack on him woke you up and prevented them from going to your room directly after your parents. i think you must be an agile girl but i don't think you could fight off 3 men...
i also understand your views on love...i wasn't trying to push sam on you. I was just letting you know that he is every bit as nice as he seems. I also hate violence. I used to tremble when my dad spanked me and my sibs too. i think i would be in shock if this happened in my household too...sarah I want to encourage you to "let the peace of God reign in your heart." i send you my love and remind you of His...dorothy"

Dorothy was like an instant friend to me that first week or two - she encouraged me in the Lord about fear, sleeping peacefully and just hashing through the events and being an email 'sounding board' for me. I guess I never thanked her. Wherever she is now...


  1. that was an interesting read! thanks for sharing it.... now i need to have amy read it :0) have you written the details of that burglery somewhere. I know you guys told us about it but...

  2. You can read from the beginning starting in January called 'My Story' in this blog. I started this blog to write the whole account so it would be in one place and with all the detail since it is in patches everywhere (some in a Word file, some in fb notes, some in folders on our shelf...) This is my effort to once and for all piece it together as a personal and family archive, and if the public wants to read it, they're welcome to!


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