How I Met Sam Part 32

The second weekend when we met up to go to the Barbeque etc. Sam and I had begun to talk about relationship issues. He was asking me certain 'inquiry' questions about friends who are girls - kind of using me as a reference as in 'I don't know what girls think when I am their friend...' type of thing. Being the engineer that he is, he just figured that you just pick one of your girl friends (not girlfriends) and pursue and jump through certain relational hoops and voila! you get married... It sounded very dry and mechanical and deeply unromantic to me. Who am I to talk, I suppose, since I wasn't enthralled with the idea of romance myself. I should have just agreed with him and his methodical approach to relationships. No, on the other hand, if I had agreed we'd never be where we are today...and I must believe that it was good I didn't agree. So for all my protesting (inwardly, to myself and others...) I think I was disingenuous to remark I had no place for romance. I couldn't probably admit it to myself, that there was something to the idea that chemistry happens, that circumstances orchestrate in such a way that... in some situations, at certain times, and in the providential plan of God, people do connect in a way that defies description and to put it on paper makes it sound dry and ordinary. And for outsiders looking in, it is entirely ordinary. People find romance every day. Sounds quite basic. But for those who find themselves in it, it seems unique and most EXTRA-ordinary!

Some correspondence from that time is linked HERE  (I'm disorganized, so just call that the next chapter :) )


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