Valley of Vision for children

I sometimes pick up the collection of Puritan prayers and peruse its contents and am very blessed by it. Then I wish the language were just a bit more readable for a wider audience. So I decided to re-write some of it for the sake of simplicity and comprehension. I wanted it to be something a 10 year old can understand and an adult who gets tripped up by thee's and thou's can grasp. Here is the first one:

The Valley of Vision

Lord, high above me and holy - gentle and stooping to reach me,
You have brought me to a valley where I can see clearly,
where I live in a difficult place down below, but see You clearly high above;
sometimes trapped by mountains of sin, I can still see You are wonderful and glorious!

Let me learn from you even when things are puzzling -
that the times I am down in the depths, then You are able to lift me up,
that to be low is to be high,
that when my heart is breaking you can heal it,
that the sorry and sincere spirit is one that also rejoices and is glad,
that when I repent I have victory,
that to be without the things I want is to have an open hand to all You give me,
that to bear the cross that You call me to, also means You'll give me a crown,
that when I give I receive so much more,
that the valley of difficulty sometimes clears my eyes so I can see what really matters.

Lord, if I am deep down in a hole and look up, I can see a star in the sky,
and the darker the hole, the more brightly I see those stars;
Let me find Your light when things seem dark all around me,
Give me your life when I lose mine,
Your joy when I am really sad,
Your grace and forgiveness when I have done and thought so many wrong things -
Let me find such great treasure in You when I feel like I have nothing,
Let me see how great, wonderful and glorious You are, even when I am down in the valley.


  1. Sarah, this is beautiful. I love V of V and read it almost everyday. But I didn't think it would still be as beautiful in simple language. It is! I think you should rewrite the whole thing!

    1. Thanks Dianne! I need to get back to this project!


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