Valley of Vision - The Trinity

Prayer to the Trinity, adapted for children

Three together in one, One, but still Three - You are God Who saves me!

Father in Heaven, Son Who delights the Father, and Spirit Who never ends,
I love You as One Being, One God in three different persons -
and I love You because You bring wrong-doers to know You and to become Yours.
O Father, You have loved ME and sent Jesus to get me back from the mess I've found myself in;
O Jesus, You have loved me and even became like me when You lived on earth, and still fully understand and exist as a real human person, You gave up Your life by shedding Your blood to wash away all the bad in me - when You did this You took Your own pure goodness and covered over all the ways I fail so often;
O Holy Spirit, You have loved me and entered into my heart, and planted there an unending tree of eternal life - You have shown me how wonderful Jesus is.
Three Persons and One God, I bless and praise You, for loving me when I really deserve no love, and for loving me with such great love I can't describe it, so amazingly, so powerfully - You rescue those who wander away and bring them back and lift them up!

O Father, I thank You that because of Your freely given and great grace - a gift really - You have put me in Jesus' hands, to be His sheep, His precious jewel, His treasured property.
O Jesus, I thank You that because of Your freely given and great grace, You have accepted me, taken me to be Your specially loved child, and securely hugged me tight;
O Holy Spirit, I thank You that because of Your freely given and great grace You have shown me that Jesus is the One Who rescues me, You have put the faith I need to grow right inside my heart, You have won over my angry, stubborn heart, and made me a child of God forever!

O Father, You are on the throne and still You hear all the things I think and ask of You,
O Jesus, Your hand is always open to receive mine and to listen to all the things I ask,
O Holy Spirit, You are willing to help me when I'm weak, to show me how much I need You, to give me words when I have none, to pray when I can't, to give me strength when I can't cope anymore - even when I give up on praying!

O Three-personed God, even though I can't understand everything about how you are three and One, You Who command all that goes on in the universe,
You have told me to ask You for all the things that are in my heart and that concern Your rule over everything.
Let me live and pray like a child who has been immersed in all You are.


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