A Worshiping Heart

...does not need its ego to be stroked.  It does not need stylistic preferences to be performed.  And in all honesty - a truly worshiping heart acknowledges the Object of worship even above the objective of it.  A worshiping heart seeks to bless an audience of One.  It does not seek to perform for mere earthly hearers.  Worshipers recognize that the goal is to enjoy, bless, hallow, exalt, rejoice in, delight in, declare truths about, and bring laud and honour to their rightful King.

My worship belongs to God.  If it is in the quietness of my own heart - that is enough.  But it could go farther.  It could go to a piano and bring rejoicing to a silent room.  Or it could go even farther - it could go to human listeners who rejoice together with my worship efforts.  Or it could remain hidden and quiet, on a shelf for only God to enjoy.  Either way, I will choose to make it about Him, and not me.

Worship belongs in the heart that loves Jesus.

It belongs in homes and families.

It belongs in the Church.

Whether I lead or participate from the crowd, my focus should be upward, not forward.

And this is where many who lead or congregate for corporate worship get side-tracked.  They think it is more about each other than about Him.  Our hearts may engage, our thoughts be brought high, but unless the goal is to please Him, we have failed.

Will you join me in worship?  


  1. this was such a blessing of a post, thanks for sharing your heart....

    1. Thank you Pat - it was just on my heart these last few days... so seldom do I get my thoughts out in here, but these are a few gleanings from the murmurings in my soul!

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for linking up with Sharing His Beauty! Yes, worship is all about our Savior. Our focus should be on the Lord and not on ourselves. In our humanness, that can be a difficult thing to stay true to, however, with prayer, as we come before Him with our offerings of praise, He will help us to turn our focus to only Him!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. Thanks Joan. I will try and put the link here somehow - I'm techno challenged.


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