If I were a Nanny....

If I were a nanny...I would get dressed at home and drive to another house looking professional and have mental time to prepare for the day.

I would probably be frustrated by my limitations with discipline - not being the parent with full authority.  Just think: I AM a parent and have full authority!

I'd probably always be on the look out for good ideas and ways to improve.

I would probably NOT be housekeeper too - there would be other "staff" for that!

People who hire nannies also often like their kids in multiple activities - so I would often be driving kids to events and classes with lots of time to myself in between.

I would go home at the end of the day and use the evenings to exercise, cook and do laundry.

I would sleep all night and be "off duty" for at least 12 hours out of 24.

I would probably pray like crazy.  And I'd probably by super-critical of others' parenting.  I would probably long to be a parent and think of all the things I would do if I ever had the privilege of marriage, children and a home of my own.

Reality is, I'm a Mom, not a nanny and I'm called to face my job with joy and excellence.  And I'm not left alone in it - I have a Divine Helper Whom I can call upon at any time Who will help me.  And I can still pray like crazy regardless.

Tell me, how would your days/parenting look different if you were a Nanny and not the Mom?


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