Stellar Grandma

Most grandparents these days seem to have a philosophy of life that goes something like this: "It was hard work raising children.  Whew.  Glad that's over.  Now it's time for me to enjoy my life.  Do all those things I sacrificed because I was running after little ones.  Sure, I love my grandkids.  But I DO love to send them home.  My nerves get frayed after a while.  I need to take it easy.  I'll send them a gift on their birthday - I'll even babysit for a few hours here and there.  That's what it means to be a Grandma."

Okay, that may have been a bit harsh.  I'm sure that's not most out there - just that I think those sentiments float around and then I tell my friends what my Mom does for me and my kids and I make everyone jealous.

Here's an example - just one of many MANY that I could describe:

Two weeks ago my parents flew from Hong Kong (at their own expense!) for a number of reasons which they needed to be Stateside for the summer.  Upon landing, ignoring jet-lag and what a 15 hour flight will do to an aging body, they jumped right in to taking the kids for the afternoon/evening, cooking meals, mending clothes, buying the kids new shoes, pj's (anything they needed and sometimes things they wanted!), taking them to McDonalds... the list goes on.

My parents make me dizzy with all they do, even though I'm half their age.  I can't hardly keep track of their itinerary, much less could I ever physically accomplish all they do!

This past week was Caleb's 11th birthday.  Most Grandmas would think, "Oh, maybe I could help by making some lemonade."  Not Caleb's Grandma.

She took Caleb and Priscilla for an overnight at her house - took them shopping, to the pool and even brought them home well dressed and hair properly brushed and tied back (something I fail to do regularly).  None of this, "I raised my kids, I'm done, can't hack it anymore" for this Grandma!

She made dinner this week that provided left-overs for lunches and suppers.

She ordered and bought the elaborate cake for Caleb's party - and delivered it.  She bought balloons, paper plates/cups, presents for Caleb not only 'from' herself, but from Priscilla and Timo too (on their shopping trip she had them choose).  She came with chips and salsa to the party and even thought about what we'd have for supper after the party (which no one had given a thought to) and brought a ham so we could have dinner that wasn't junky (like chips and cake and soda).

But it just so happens that Father's Day occurred the day after Caleb's party.

So, she took the kids shopping for Father's Day gifts - spending her own time, money for gas, and money for gifts, and had them choose appropriate gifts for him.  She cooked steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and prepared a delicious desert - all for our family, even though my Dad was away for the weekend.

I would say my kids have a stellar Grandma.

All other Grandmas - take note.  If you don't want your kids to be jealous of me, just go and do likewise.

Thank you Mom for all you do!


  1. What a blessing! I love your folks! My parents are the same way. They completely wear themselves out when they come and visit. I am so blessed!


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