My Grandpa by Caleb Logan

My Grandpa enjoys teaching me.  He enjoys taking me places, and teaching me new things.  He knows his family tree and will often play with words; he will also tell us stories.  His smile is a warming fire; his laugh is like a roaring lion.  I can ask him a question and the wise old owl will answer.  He is one of my best friends!

  When he's around I'm spoiled.  He'll take me out for a snack, and my family for dinner.  He'll have me and my siblings over for the afternoon and night.  I'll bring my stuff and be a very happy guy.  He can make me a happy kid!

  When we visit him in Florida we take the best memories home.  I'll pick oranges, then use an old fashioned orange squeezer, and we'll make the best orange juice ever.  Sometimes we'll mix oranges with grapefruit; the juice probably tastes better than ambrosia - probably much healthier too!  Other memories are having lights everywhere, the scene of presents and Grandma saying: "Come, try this on, see if it fits!"  Those are only a few memories with Grandpa and Grandma at Christmas.

  My Grandpa can be nicer than Santa!  He talks to other Christians and teaches them about God.  He'll take them Bibles, and bring others to the Lord.  He is one of the kindest people I've met!  I've never met such a fatherly, nice man.

  He is a wise old owl in mind.  A jolly, joking man in spirit.  He can make me laugh outright with his jokes.  He can be a very fun Grandpa.  And a good friend to have.  I can't wait for him to come in late April.


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