A Three-Stranded Cord

Today I'll link you up to my post on A Biblical Marriage website.

I'm writing about the often-given advice that marriage issues should be worked out privately with no outside help.  I didn't address this specifically, but I do believe that many marriages struggle specifically because of taking this approach - this advice: 'Never share your struggles with others outside your marriage.  Work it out between you.'  This is human wisdom.  This teaching stems from pride - and generally a need to protect one's ego.  (For example, 'I need to feel honoured in my marriage.  If my wife/husband were to share the things that go on with someone else, I'd be embarrassed.  Therefore, it is better to always work things out alone.')  It may go a long way to protecting each other's (perhaps unrealistic?) reputation, but won't go very far in ensuring a healthy relationship!

God, and support from others are key in building a lasting, growing, strong, healthy relationship.

(Unless you're the type who never has relational struggles, then I suppose you can go it alone! )


Better Not Go it Alone


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