Apologies for Being Obnoxious

Dear Readers of my Blog,

It has come to my attention that I have let my thoughts leak out in a potentially offensive manner.  So I want to issue a formal apology to my audience.

You need to know that I only write a smidgen of what goes on in my brain because I really do want to steer clear of controversy and not be a thorn in people's side with my ramblings.  I really don't want to hurt people's feelings with the things I write.  I don't intend to be judgemental, harsh, rude or nasty.  I hope you know me well enough to know that.

I also want to say I didn't write my 50 Reasons to Leave a Church to point at anyone in particular.  I myself have said some of those very things.  Some of them are ridiculous.  Some of them are valid.  And some are in between - neither ridiculous nor valid or invalid - they just are.

I have been a part of seven churches in my life of 36 years.  Three of them are in Hong Kong.  Two of them in college.  Two of them since then.  No matter the circumstances for leaving a church - down to even moving from another country - it is a painful process.  I don't want to minimize that.  It is a burden and weight to be removed from one flock and drawn into another.  As I always say, "There is no pain like Church pain."  If you have experienced it, you know what I mean.  It is tempting to become a pew-warmer and yawn and detatch in order to not to experience the grievous Church Pain.  But we know that is not our calling.

So, I am SORRY.  I was making observations of life and maybe I wandered into hot-button territory - needlessly.  I was going to just take it down, but words spoken are like water poured out on the ground.  So I'll leave it there and issue my apology.

Please know I don't judge you or anyone for leaving a Church.  It is your business and not my place to judge.  But I do know some people DO leave for amazingly petty reasons.  And if love covers a multitude of sins, certainly love covers the offenses of people running churches not asking me how to do it.

So, there I said it, again.  Maybe I'm stepping on toes again.  Maybe I'm just too obnoxious by nature.  But I do want my readers to know I don't mean to bludgeon you with words.  I just have a nasty habit of letting my thoughts be known and I was not blessed with the gift of diplomacy.  Some day, maybe I'll learn.

Love to you all, no matter what Church you attend,



  1. Sarah, I'm pretty sure that whoever was offended by your original post is not going to be helped by this one.

    Talk with people about why they have left a church if you question their reasoning. Accept their reasoning or not, pray for and with them, but please don't mock them on facebook. I don't know the specifics, but apparently people felt targeted by your remarks, and your apology not only makes them a target again, but also seems to evidence a willful lack of understanding of their perspective. You are saying it is none of your business, yet you insist on getting in one last dig. Isn't that kind of like adding insult to injury? There is a way to take the high road, and this isn't it.

    Suzanne Evans

    1. Okay, Suzanne. I hear you. I will listen and think about this.

  2. So sorry about the flack you are getting. For those of us without issues saw it as merely satirical.

    1. Thanks Jena - you saw it as I intended - not meaning to take digs at anyone. The list comes from many years of observations. I just don't know how to write about some of this stuff without causing offense. Better to not write about it at all? Not sure. Can't say I know the best way to proceed. :(

  3. Sarah,

    It was a little underfiltered. But, since you covered such a wide variety of reasons, from clearly biblical to preposterously unbiblical, I can't possibly see how you could be accused of trying to jab anyone in particular.

    It's true that there is a time to leave a church, and a time to repent of selfishness and start mowing the grass. ("The grass looks greener where it gets mowed.")

    A few things you said hit areas where I've been guilty. Others reminded me of ways where I have been too reluctant to speak up or leave, where a church has lost its way. It's no fun to feel convicted.

    Grace, Andrew

    1. Thanks Andrew. I am impulsive sometimes and there's so much I never write because it just isn't good for the public (or it is too disrespectful to certain people) :) Someday maybe I can start an anonymous blog :)

  4. Sarah,
    I love you! I had to go back and read the original post after reading your apology and I found it to be hilarious. I'm sure that you stepped on some toes and have been getting plenty of comments. Truth hurts.


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