The 15 Books I'm Reading

So lately I've let it slip that I read a lot of books all at once.  I decided I needed to reign myself in a little and am limiting myself to only 15 at once.  (Sometimes I do cheat and sneak a few in that aren't on my list).  That means whenever I finish one I can then add one that I've been itching to read as an 'official' reader.  I have such broad interests and will read in one general category for a season until I feel completely maxed out or my curiosity wanes and I need a break.  My categories are almost entirely non-fiction:

human biology - specifically: the brain (neurobiology), endocrinology (related to hormones and diabetes), cancer, and anything else that strikes my fancy at the time

psychology - specifically certain disorders: learning and memory, trauma, family systems theory, borderline p.d, A.D.D., child development, PTSD, autism/asbergers, and anything related to anyone I know or come across;

history - specifically: 2nd World War, European history during early 1900's, U.S. history - lately more the civil war era, but anything American history (since I have huge gaps in my learning), Russian or/and Chinese history.

theology - I read a variety here - sometimes new stuff, but often older.  I tend to go for older books actually.  New books seem a bit suspicious to me.  Unless a friend wrote it.  Then I'll read it.

As far as fiction goes I have a lot of trouble focussing on it, but once in a while I can really get into a Louis L'Amour novel (on the lighter side) or a George MacDonald book (on the heavier side) - some of the newer re-done ones are easier, though I'll also read the old versions at times.

kid literature - sometimes I am able to take in fiction if it's aimed at a younger audience.  So I'll pick up some of the historic fiction (like imitated diaries and such) for 4-6th grade level.  Often this will spark my interest to actually go and learn more from the non-fiction side.  I guess for me fiction only serves as a stepping stool to further learning.

Right now my 15 books list is as follows:

Healing the Child Within  (Whitfield)
The Imitation of Christ  (a Kempis)
The Pressure's Off  (Crabb)
Care of the Soul (Moore)
Practicing the Presence of God (Lawrence)
Healing the 8 Stages of Life (Linns and Fabricant)
I thought it was Just Me  (Brown)
A Long Obedience (Peterson)
Healing the Shame that Binds You (Bradshaw)
The Wounded Healer  (Nouwen)
The Gifts of Imperfection (Brown)
Talking With God (Fenelon)
Intimacy (Nouwen)
Conscious Performing (Bonkrude)
Becoming Attached  (Karen)

Shortly, I'll post the books I've recently finished.


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