Murder on the Lawn - Part 1

I'll admit it: blogging helps me process life, sometimes.  So, here I go - processing this past week.

Our neighbourhood is very safe.  We enjoy a quiet, almost country-like feel where we live - our lawn has mature pine trees and we sit a bit back from the street, but not so far back we don't see what happens out there.

Usually I am asleep at 11 p.m.  But a week ago we had a young friend over to stay the weekend.  She and I were up late chatting about general life stuff - you know how that is, I suppose.

We noticed police lights outside.  Normally I wouldn't bother checking it out.  But there were multiple emergency vehicles - three police cars, then an ambulance.  A car was stopped at our corner and three people were standing there huddled in the cold, without coats.  I grabbed shoes, as I noticed a man laying on the lawn.  I didn't want to disturb Sam, but he awoke and I merely said, "I think there's a guy passed out or dead on our front lawn.  Don't get up.  I'll be back in a few."  Of course Sam, bleary-eyed, ignored this and got up to see what was happening.  And of course I was cool-headed and just operated on a 'what-can-I-do' mentality.

I walked out to where the activity was and talked to the people gathered around.  A man was shaking and bloody and holding his hands away from himself, talking about all that had happened.  Police were there taking statements.  I offered for the man to clean up in our house.

Click here for Part 2.


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