How I met Sam - Our first 'dates' 3

On that walk home, I asked one question, and the rest of the time, Sam talked. I asked him to tell me about his life.

He began with growing up in Zambia, and told me about his family. He had three older sisters (who doted on him with all manner of affection one would expect from having three older sisters). I don't remember all he told me, but he did tell stories of his growing up years. It sounded like he came from a wonderful family - stable, loving, nurturing and who sincerely loved the Lord and sought to serve Him with all of their beings.

He talked of going off to boarding school at Sakeji, when he was just 5 years old. It sounded absolutely horrifying to me - thinking of a little tyke going away for three months at a time! At least for his comfort he did have loving big sisters to cry on and look after him.

Then he told of coming to the U.S. to live for a while, because his Dad had developed some headaches and needed medical attention. He was 12 when he left Zambia - his first time of really living in the U.S. as before he'd only come for visits.

By this time we had arrived home, and there was still so much more to be told. We went up to the roof of our house which has an open ledge that if you climb over the wall you can sit on (and not inch too close to the edge if you're afraid of falling). We sat in the pleasant evening and I continued to listen to the story of his life.

I was starting to dream a reflected in this poem...Click here.


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