How I met Sam - Our first 'dates'

I will continue to tell our story - can't believe I've only gotten as far as one week into it - with 32 parts. So I guess that was all like Chapter 1 and this is Chapter 2 - or some such thing.

If you've been following along, I shared some of our emails so you get the picture of what our communication was like.

The second weekend following the burglary, Sam again needed to be picked up from the train station. I don't think I was driving in Hong Kong yet, so my Mom was going to get him. Of course I was a little excited about him coming a second weekend. I wasn't sure how often he'd come, or what our friendship would amount to, but it was a warm and pleasant thought to have a friend - even if our friendship would be minimal - around for a day or two. I also did not anticipate the underhanded, crafty ways of my Mother (for which I am now quite thankful in retrospect - who knows, without her gentle suggestions, we may not be where we are today!)

What am I referring to? The set-up - as I like to call it.

Now, Sam had no interest in dating, or dating ME, at this point. We were just becoming friends. We went to the train station, he hopped into the car. We started to drive off - it was a Friday or Saturday evening, around 6 p.m. After initial greetings, Mom turned to Sam and said, 'Have you had any supper yet?' After a two-hour commute to get to Hong Kong, and no time to eat - he had not had supper. You would think we'd whip up a PB & J or something. But oh, no. Not with my Mom's shenanigans.

'Oh, why don't I just drop you off over at this mall - Sarah knows of a few great places to take you - and you can just ride the bus home. Sarah knows the way.'

And so began our first date. Which freaked us both out a little.

The Story Continues - Our First Dates, Part 2


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