How I Met Sam - Our first 'dates' 5

He picked up on the lack of my enthusiasm in communicating. And I think my 'absence' (albeit for such a brief period), awoke in him a sense of the truth of the feelings of his own heart. At the same time we were still only 2 weeks into really getting to know each other.

I remember being at the British Council where I was taking classes towards certification in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I decided to check my email during a break and the most beautiful words danced across the scene at me. I wanted to jump up and scream - but composed myself. Instead I just smiled and smiled and could not hold back the tears.

I know it sounds terribly unromantic for a dashingly handsome young man to declare his love for you via email. In fact, I don't think he even did such a thing - but that is what my heart read into it, and for a brief moment I indulged the impulse. Looking back I realize that it was his uncouth, direct confession of affection towards me and nothing more. It was not a declaration on intent. In fact, it could even have been read quite simply as an opening of loving friendship - but an honest declaration at that - that he loved me (without qualifying this exactly). When I read the word 'love' on the screen, with my name in the same sentence I practically melted in a puddle right there in that studious environment.

His words were merely the overflow of his longing heart - that he had longed for a friend and found one, and he was loving it - every minute of it. And I was the recipient of such love.

But it was still quite premature at this point. There wasn't much clarifying or describing or discussion. I knew it was best to just enjoy the process and not push for discussions. As far as I understood, men hate to define relational things. It just seems cumbersome. So I waited, and enjoyed.


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