How I Met Sam - Our first 'dates' 9

That evening we decided to really be disciplined and not stay up late talking. Sam didn't want to be tired going to Church the next day. Fair enough. If I had been paying attention I would have learned a lot about Sam from this - that he is intentional and thoughtful about all of life and prioritizes the things that matter to him. I suppose we all prioritize, just I do it very sloppily - unthinkingly and unaware. God knew I needed someone like Sam in my life!

So far, we were hand-holding friends who really liked each other. Nothing more was clarified. I thought I was in a dream. I figured it was pretty significant for Sam to say something about marriage (like that he would have to be willing to ask me to marry him if he tells me he loves me...). But it was all so new - could he really be thinking this?! Of course I, being the romantic, far-fetched idealist that I was, could only think of marriage from the beginning - because half-hearted romantic involvements were definitely NOT on my to-do list in life.

That evening we were brushing our teeth together before retiring for the night and it was really a rather intimate moment. I'd like to tell you that we planned our first kiss or that we waited 'til we walked down the aisle before our first kiss, but it didn't happen that way. It happened after we brushed our teeth that night, right there in the bathroom. And I think we were both just a little surprised. I'm just glad my parents didn't walk up the stairs at that moment. That would have been embarrassing!


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