Because I'll forget

I don't remember those early Mommy years - I don't recall the day-to-day - perhaps because my head was swimming with sleeplessness and responsibility.

Fast forward to now - Hannah, six months and the others all in their own little childhood world, and I believe I'll forget these days.

I will write my thoughts and memories to capture a sense of my days. I will note the size of her dimpled hand exploring my face, and deciding to pull on my nose for a while, just for the experience of how it feels.

I will note how her hands are learning to work together - first the left holds the toy, and the right reaches for it, but the left is selfish and won't let go!

For the record, I will write how she likes to just lie on her back and kick her legs, sometimes waving her arms too - happy and content to have movement. And how when she gets sleepy she cracks the biggest smiles, wiggles her head back and forth and shuts her eyes for a second, before cracking another huge smile and doing the head-wiggle again.

I will remember Andrew's constant cow-lick that I like to leave up because it's so cute. He loves to run down the hall with his fake 'puppy' with the bobble-tail and ask, 'Will you pet my puppy?' with a husky, boy voice and a giggle.

I will record how he loves being read to and if arms aren't encircling his chubby body, he'll nestle back into me and move my arms so he can position them just right around him like a seat-belt. And how yesterday he climbed up the stairs, which is still cumbersome with such a rounded little body and short legs, and looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, 'Chase me Mommy!'

And many many more memories I will record here so I'll have proof that these days did happen.


  1. You'll have material to write a book with some day, Sarah, if the Lord lingers.

  2. Thank you - it's always nice to hear from readers - even when I don't know who you are! :)


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