Chicken Curry

Here is how I make my curry:

Onions in a big pot with butter. During this, add:
1-3 tsp curry powder (I make my own, or sometimes have some from an Asian store)
1/2 tsp coriander (ground, not the leaves)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
fresh grated ginger (about 1 T)
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp cumin
I ran out of Cardamom - but if I had it I'd sprinkle some in. All these measurements are guesses. I just sprinkle stuff in throughout.
1-4 cloves minced garlic.
1 can tomato paste (optional - you can leave this out if you like)

If you want to be really professional, use Ghee instead of butter. But I never have Ghee on hand.

Then add 1-2 quarts Chicken broth (I use water and some boullion/salt, because I'm cheap, and I figure I'll boil the chicken plenty to get the good stuff).

Throw in cubed/chunked carrots - about 10, or 3 cups worth, cubed/chunked potato (peeled if you like) - as many or few as you'd like - I do about 4 big ones.

Then I throw in the chicken - maybe 6+ legs or whatever pieces you have or if you have some left over throw that in. This is a very un-exact recipe! (You can use beef or pork or almost any meat).

Let it simmer as long as you can - like 2-4 hours. Towards the end, about 15 mins before serving I dump in a can or two of coconut milk (make sure it's not the sweetened kind!) If I have coriander (leaves this time!) I snip some into it. I love lemon juice, so I usually add 1-2 T of lemon juice at the end, plus any salt to taste etc.

If you like it a bit thicker I use instant potato flakes and sprinkle some in until it's the desired thickness. This dish will thicken after refrigeration though, so we're always adding water to leftovers.

Everyone loves it when I make curry.

We often serve simply over rice. If the family is lucky that night I serve what we call 'Condiment Curry.' Along with the curry and rice, the following are set out in little bowls to pass and top the curry with:

French fried onions (like in the can you use for green bean casserole)
Flaked Coconut
Bananas (cut into chunks)

If I make Raita I serve that too.
If I have Coriander chutney (from the Indian grocery store) I put that out too.


  1. This is mouth watering! My family would love the "condiment curry" just for the French Fried Onions! Thanks for sharing with us over at NOBH!


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