Tiger, Helicopter or The Bunny Rabbit

I am a Bunny Mom. You read that right. Not a Tiger. Not a Helicopter. But a Bunny Rabbit

You see, I do not drive my kids to overexhaustion with activity and accolades. But I think it sounds like a nice idea.

I don't hover over my kids, worrying and fussing, and filling in their gaps. But it sounds like something I'd like to try someday.

I am a perfectly created type B, Bunny Rabbit Mom.

I putter from thing to thing - sniffing the air, nibbling on stuff along the way, pleasantly plump, just a little fluffy - only lacking the floppy ears - and digging my nose into the nest to see what I find. This goes right along with being an ADD Mom.

You have heard of A.D.D. - Attention Deficit Disorder - which is really a misnomer - ADDers can be hyper-focused for lengthy periods of time - and in my opinion it is only a disorder because the other 90% of people think we're odd. People say it's on the rise. Not true. It's just we were hardwired this way by our Creator and our society and atmosphere has changed but we haven't.

I believe ADDers were simply meant to grow up on a farm. We would hear the cows mooing and go, 'Oh bother, needing to be emptied again, here we go...' and we'd roll out of bed to go milk. Not the type A, super-vigilant, hyper-organized farmer, who would've been up BEFORE the cows to gain some sort of spiritual nourishment and probably physical nourishment as well. Us Bunny types would just commune with God at the feeding stool. Can you imagine the difference?

Type A farmer: 'Gotta milk the cow, gotta milk the cow... oh, why does it take so long... come on Bessie, work with me... so much to do today, how will I ever get it done, and there's Sally and Johnnie to help with their chores and make sure they stay out of trouble... well, I have a plan for them...' and on and on it goes...

Bunny Rabbit type: 'Come along Bessie, sorry we're a bit late today... well, you seem in a good mood today. Look at this lovely creature - isn't it amazing that God made you and makes your milk fill up every day? Thank you God for this cow - and how You keep her working and all. Feel that smooth fur - look at that white milk. Ahh, the smell of the barn - some wouldn't care for it, but it's quiet and dew-drenched and I'm just going to take it all in.' At which point screams erupt from the farm-house and little Sally yells, 'He took my banana!' and Johnnie yells, 'No I didn't! You took my toast!' and Sally yells, 'That's 'cuz you sat in my chair!' and the Bunny farmer Mom goes, 'Here we go Lord, let me not nip at them because they're annoying... I'm still groggy and tired, but help me to know what to do.' and she slowly meanders in to sort out the chaos that has ensued in her absence.

A Bunny Rabbit is different from the fastidious, over-charged, grouchy Rabbit from Winnie-the-Pooh. In fact Pooh would qualify as a Bunny Rabbit if he were a Mom. He'd putter from thing to thing with the highest priority being that one does not run out of honey.

I think Mary (in the Mary and Martha story) was like this. She was captivated by Jesus and spared no time to talk with, listen to and learn from Him.

As a type B Mom, I might actually stop and smell the roses. Then I'll take the time to arrange them. Then I'll grab a sketch pad and pencils to draw them, even though I'm not an artist and it's a waste of time to try. But the beauty will inspire me to try. And the moments will pass without my ever having been aware of it. And I will have worshiped in some small way and thanked God for the beauty of the simple things. And in the midst of my profound thoughts, a baby will cry and call my attention to her, and I will go, and thank God for the baby that cried.

Some would say this is a disorder. It probably is to some degree. But after all my study into this area of psychology, I must conclude that God made me uniquely this way and out of it flows worship and praise and thanksgiving to Him.

Because a Bunny Rabbit, type B, has a worshiping heart. We never lose our sense of wonder and amazement at the world God has placed us in.

That's the positive side - the negative is we may fail to get things done, suffer from chronic disorganization, nip at people when they're in our way, leave lots of messes behind us, confuse those we live with as to why we putter from thing to thing.

There's always the good with the bad. But God give me grace to grow in structure, order, dilligence, discipline and nipping at people. And I'll continue to stop and worship, love and adore Him, thank Him and praise Him throughout my puttering-about kind of life.


  1. Haha! I love this post. I tend to be a mix of type A and B. I love to just sit and watch nature, but also love getting things done quickly. I agree, God created us all so uniquely! :)

    1. Thanks Anna! I realize that in writing this I am categorizing - and creating a new category since I didn't feel there was one for me :) Trying to see the positive in everything! Even the challenges.


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