Dawning of Spring by Priscilla

The sun is shining today, and water is dripping from the garage roof.  Snow is on the ground with a shovel and hose lying around.  Skies blue.  No freeze, slight breeze.
It's peaceful today.

Birds chirp and I wonder, "What are they saying?  Maybe they're saying, 'Mother, can we have an after school snack?' 'Of course, my little chicks!  Would you like a big juicy worm?' 'Oh yes!' 'I will go get you one to share.'"

There are many other sounds around besides birds.  Dogs bark; bells ring at two o'clock.  Why are dogs barking?  What are they saying?  Do they see a cat, or want to chase it?  Who knows?  Maybe they're hungry and want to come inside to eat.  Whatever they're doing, they sure are noisy!

It's really peaceful today.  I hear airplanes every once in a while.  When I take a deep breath, I feel and smell the fresh spring air - moist, mossy, damp dirt.  I also hear cars whipping past on busy streets.  They sound a little like wind on a really windy day.  They don't make it sound more peaceful.  But in a way, they kind of do.

Sun is warm; the shade is cool, and there are animal tracks in the melting snow.  I wonder who left them.  Maybe the bunny, who has lived here for three years, left them.  Or maybe a raccoon left them.  Maybe the stray cat or our neighbor's cat...I can't tell what kind of tracks they are because the snow is melting and now they look like little holes in swiss cheese.

As we wait for spring to come, I hear, smell and see things.  It just shows the beauty of God's spring air!


  1. Pricilla,
    Good details, nice.
    Jackie Kenney


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