How I Met Sam - Our Engagement 5

During the 7 minute interval, Sam prayed and waited, and just as the clock was to hit 2:40 (his designated time to give up waiting), a particular van pulled up and Sam noticed the delivery company name marked on the side.  It turns out they had the time wrong or something and neither of them could speak any English.  The men motioned for Sam to give them the package and address to deliver it to.  Sam reached over to the van door, opened it and stepped inside.  They looked bewildered and confused.

Communication was a problem.  Sam pointed at himself.  He pointed at the box he was holding.  They were puzzled.  Finally, Sam pulled out the ring and drew a picture of what he was planning to do.  With smiles and understanding nods, they went on their way.

Sam told them to drive past our house so they would know which doorbell to ring.  At first they stopped in front - but Sam motioned them on so I wouldn't see a suspicious-looking van lurking in our driveway.  At the end of the row of houses there was a clearing where Sam practiced setting up his box and putting himself inside.  He was kneeling on a piece of wood - then the box was placed over top of him.  They practiced lifting him up and putting him in the van.  On one such practice Sam heard a 'clink' and felt for the ring - and it was gone!  "Lord, you've gotta help me find it!  It's dark and the men won't understand if I say something from inside this box!"  He reached down and the first thing he touched was the ring!  "Thank you Lord!"

They pulled up to the house, positioned the box in the driveway in front of the front door where I would emerge.  They rang the bell, I awoke from my afternoon nap and answered the door to find these interesting Chinese men at my door.  And the rest, as they say, is history.


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