Favourite Raita

Raita is a yogurt condiment to top off your curry (I can post how I make curry another time - we had it for supper tonight). It also works nicely as a different salad dressing if you're up for something exotic. It's very easy to make. We never have any left over.

1 cup plain yoghurt (full cream is good)
1/2 a cucumber - grated (or a whole mini cucumber)
1/2 t. salt
1/4 t. cumin
1/4 t. coriander
a sprinkle of garlic powder (the one time I don't use fresh!)
1-2 t. lemon juice

Mix it all together - add more of what you like or less of what you don't! I can eat it by the spoonful.


  1. I use yogurt to make dressing also. I add garlic powder, onion salt, celery flakes, fresh ground black pepper and a small amount of fresh milk to get the right consistency. I just add to taset and vary depending on how I feel or what the kids want! I'd love your Curry recipe!

  2. I just posted my curry recipe!



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