How I Met Sam Part 29

After the episode where Sam was talking about his longings I knew I was in a bit too deep for comfort. At that point we hardly knew each other and he was not even considering me as an option! I still believed that I would always be single and trusted God to help me engage in this friendship wisely. Until this point I had avoided friendships with single guys because it seemed always to lead to trouble. But when you are thrown into circumstances such as we faced, there was so much to talk about and process and I trusted that God was in control of the friendship that was now growing. As we talked and our friendship grew, we began to discuss our ideals for marriage.
So I met Sam, liked him, and initially he didn’t like me in that sort of way. He said so plainly. Do I have to tell you how? No, I'll keep that shameful discussion to the recesses of my memory, hoping to forget it. All I'll say, is that Sam tried to be clear without insulting me, but succeeded only in the former effort! (Of course I didn't take offense and let him know, but he was stumbling over words and I had to both be disappointed and amused at the same time). Unlike some, I do tend to hang on to my sense of humour in most situations, and this was no exception.

So here we were in the relationship - enjoying each other's presence and friendship but having established that at least for his part, he was not interested in pursuing anything more. It put me in a bit of an awkward predicament. I had developed strong convictions about having friendships with guys. I didn't want to be entangled and I didn't want to risk. Call me a coward (okay, I'll call myself a coward). But we were somewhat alone in a sort of new environment with traumatic experiences fresh in our memories and no close person to talk to. I think God created this situation to put us together, because otherwise, there would be no Caleb, Priscilla, Timothy, Andrew and...? (to be announced come September).


  1. I can't stand to think about that brief period of time (a moment can seem an eternity) when you had to endure having heard Sam's uninvited, stumbling explanation, whatever the words, that you were not the woman of his dreams. (Been there. Never want to be there again. Fortunately, never have to be there again.) And, since I know this courtship, which unbeknownst to both of you had begun the moment you met, lasted in total only five weeks, I know your hurt did not last long. You're writing a page turner here, Sarah. Could you just get on with it please?!

  2. I must admit that I am thrilled that you are writing more of your story and that I missed the last few posts so I could read a larger chunk. :) How exciting that you have a new little one on the way!! SusanHildy


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