How I Met Sam Part 30

It was the first weekend after the burglary that we had had the awful talk.

He had arrived on Saturday and my Mom had driven with me to pick him up from the train. I had decided to go to visit the youth group I had attended when I was a teen. So he came with me. Afterwards we had been invited to a barbeque at my Filipina sister's house (Elizabeth). They hosted a BBQ every weekend for all their friends on the roof of their building (where they worked and lived). Actually, Elizabeth wanted me to meet a 'friend' who she was hoping to set me up with! I was very thankful to arrive WITH Sam, and to have an excuse to not visit too much with strangers. I met the guy Elizabeth wanted me to meet, and said, 'Very nice to meet you,' and that was it. I have knack for being curt on first introductions.

We went home afterwards having enjoyed our visit with friends and Sam meeting the Filipino crowd who so hospitably welcomed us.

That evening we talked a lot and it was very late at which point, tired and emotionally exhausted my stomach gave in to its churning.

It was hard to spend time with Sam knowing he really didn't like me in that way. But it had been my intention to walk in all things by faith (even though I often fail at this endeavour). So as I continued to spend time with him, I trusted that God would oversee our friendship and take it where He willed.

And sure enough, He did. And I didn't even have to wait that long!

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