Hymn to the Trinity

Sung to the tune: Sandringham - usually known as 'O Perfect Love'

Almighty Father, we your people praise You,
For You have shown Your greatness, Majesty;
Beyond our grasping, higher than the heavens,
Yet still You see and know our deepest need.

Sovereign, Immense, Vast beyond comprehension,
Descending to mankind in human form.
Incarnate Saviour, bringer of salvation,
Revealing God the Father through the Son.

O Holy Spirit, help and comfort giver,
Regenerater, Shepherd of our souls!
Filling, inspiring, moving us to service,
Giving us conq'ring pow'r against the foe.

O Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
Triune, mysterious, God whom we adore!
Humbly we worship; lay our lives before You,
Receive all praise and glory evermore!


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