Lessons from little ones

A couple of recorded memories - how many of these did I forget to record!?

Sept 20 '06

Priscilla wanted to blow up the green inflatable chair but it had a leak in it. I said, 'I'm sorry Priscilla but this is broken.' Priscilla responded, 'Well, we can just give it to Jesus.' Thinking Priscilla needed a lesson in giving our treasure to Jesus and not our junk, I almost went into a lecture to that effect. Just before doing this I thought to ask, 'Why should we give it to Jesus?' To which Priscilla replied, 'Because Jesus can fix broken things.' Good thing I asked.

Oct 18 06 Caleb

I was a little late picking up Caleb from school - intentionally - I go about five minutes late to avoid all the cars in the way etc. When I got there to the door, which is glass, I saw Caleb on his knees, head bowed, eyes scrunched closed and his mouth moving. When he opened his eyes he saw me and jumped up and yelled for his teacher to come open the door as I had arrived. He was so happy to see me. I said, 'Caleb, what were you praying for.' 'Well, I was about to pray that you would come soon, but you came before I got to that.' 'Oh. Well, you know there is a verse in the Bible that says, 'Before you ask I will answer.' Caleb replied, 'Mommy, I think God just knows what we want before we even ask Him.' And then he went on to talk of other things. What struck me was his simple understanding and acceptance of God and His likelihood to answer us. Sometimes we think answers to prayer are such a big deal. Caleb seems to think it is a pretty normal experience. The second thing that struck me was his lack of self-consciousness at kneeling in his classroom and praying out loud even with teachers around. That, and that he would immediately think to pray when he had a concern. Certainly, these are lessons for all of us.


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